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St Margaret Lothbury, London

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When Sir Christopher Wren rebuilt the church of St Margaret in Lothbury after the Great Fire of London the church boasted no organ. The first organ of which we have any record was completed on Easter Day 1801 by George Pike England and it is the pipe work of this organ, standing in its original case, which forms the basis of the 1984 restoration of the organ by John Budgen.The specification of the restored organ is as follows:
Great Organ Swell Organ Pedal Organ
Open Diapason 8 * Stopt Diapason 8 * Sub Bass 16
Stopt Diapason 8 * Salicional 8 Principal 8 *
Principal 4 * Principal 4 * Flute 4 *
Flute 4 Flute 4 Chanter 2
Twelfth 2 2/3 * Gemshorn 2 Fagotto 16
Fifteenth 2 * Quint 1 1/3 *
Mixture III ranks Mixture III ranks
Mounted Cornet III ranks    Cromorne 8
Trumpet 8 * Tremulant
The front pipes are those of the Great Open Diapason.
The action is all mechanical. Stops marked
* contain some original pipework from 1801.


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